Moeen Abuzaid – Professional Chef

Moeen was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, where he discovered his passion for the culinary arts at a very young age. He started his culinary journey nineteen years ago when as a teenager the chef of an international hotel restaurant insisted he come and learn under his direction. Under the influence of many great chefs throughout his career, his passion for cooking was ignited. He has worked in some of the best five-star hotels across the Middle East, where he continued to refine and master his culinary artistry and technique. These positions led him to become a professional chef and master of the “de luxe” style of hotel cuisine.

In 2010, Moeen’s journey and desire to be known for Arabian cuisine took him to New York City. The plan he set out was to learn and experiment with the art of fine gastronomy, work with global chefs and further expand his palate; discover new ingredients and testing new flavors. In a relentless pursuit to master technique and express his personal style, Moeen acknowledges the incredibly vast world of fine gastronomy that has influenced him through reading, watching, following and building relationships with some of the greatest chefs, globally. Seven years later in this vastly diverse city, Moeen has crafted his own style of cuisine. Pursuing his dream of fine gastronomy through new Arabian cuisine, he conceptualized and opened his first pop-up restaurant, “The Broken English”. Today he continues to craft new dishes, paying homage to the cuisine of his region, while re-imagining classic Arabian food.